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Cameron Diaz Speaks Out...
March 04, 2014

actress was also keen to discuss another subject of her book - pubic hair preservation. "Because it's a science book, and since we used to be covered in hair, and now we're not except for a few places, I figure there's a purpose for that hair", she said before making her stand for the preservation of hair down there. "So I put some of the purposes for it and I Cameron Diaz has already hit the headlines once...

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Cameron Diaz Believes ‘Everyone Will Be Cheated On'
March 19, 2014
;apos;s all meant to happen, take your lessons, figure it out, move on.'' Cameron Diaz Speaks Out On Her 'Hungry Vagina' And Pubic Hair Preservation On Chelsea Lately
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Town’s history preserved
February 23, 2014
on Pontefract’s Market Place and activities which raise awareness of the town’s history can also be supported. More than 20 buildings have already been identified for preservation and repair works under the scheme. A grant for work at Jenny’s Hair Salon, on Gillygate, was approved as part of the initiative and helped to pay for new windows, a new door, roof...
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'Teddy bear-like' animal discovered
August 15, 2013
species are found regularly, usually they are tiny things like insects and not mammals, the warm-blooded advanced class of animals that have hair, live births and mammary glands in females. Outside experts Carolina museum is already selling olinguito stuffed animals for about US$15. Proceeds will benefit habitat preservation for the creatures. - AP
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Derby's Camra National...
February 21, 2014

the 30th anniversary of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society in March 2012 and its members affectionately call it "Old Prickly" for short. Tight Head obviously has a rugby connection Filler a hangover from the Christmas trade. "Our Hairy Helmet came about because the landlord of one of our pubs had a large head of very bushy hair, or at least that's the clean version

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Tributes to perennial campaigner
May 18, 2014
preservation group the Horsham Society, a Red Cross and Ramblers Association stalwart, and part of the Wey and Arun Canal Trust which reinstated a five-mile stretch of waterway at Loxwood. Former trust treasurer Jim Phillips said: “She was a great supporter, came to all our meetings beautifully dressed with her hair styled, and kept us chivvied in her typical Peggy way,...
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