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An end to children...
July 30, 2013

-app extras while playing on the tablet using the password she had seen him entering when downloading items. Lily ran up a bill of more than £2,000 in just six days and more than £4,000 over the course CHILDREN Angry Birds, pictured, was one of the games featured in a lawsuit in America over children running up huge bills on 'free' games Customers who accidentally rack up huge bills on

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VIDEO: Brian May's anti-badger cull protest song is a hit
September 01, 2013
and internet entertainer Weebl and features the vocals of Brian Blessed. It has made the top 40 in the iTunes download chart and is the most popular track in the iTunes Store top ten rock chart. Blessed , who played Prince Vultan in the 1980 film Flash Gordon, which famously featured a soundtrack by Queen, said: "Brian May is absolutely inspirational and together we will...
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Taxpayer-funded Tate Modern splashes out on £16k sheep...
December 29, 2013
The Tate bought 18 pieces by Abraham Cruzvillegas, including one called **** Models, which cost £16,000. It appears to be made from an old bird table on top of which there are upright metal rods with lumps of sheep excrement. The gallery described it as “sheep excrement, dung, plaster, cardboard, steel and wood”. The artist admitted he used items he found on the street or in...
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Live BDA concert raises $10,000 for Philippines storm relief
December 18, 2013
in Bermuda, raised around $10,740 for the Red Cross, the Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines and Catholic Relief Services. The four-hour concert held earlier this month featured performances by . Please enable JavaScript to view the Related Stories Judge rules CoH managers must pay costs after dropping application CableVision food drive collects 12 barrels of non-perishable...
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Bizzline: Mansion House...
June 09, 2014

features items reflecting Weir’s rise as a top Canadian golfer. A grad opening is slated for June 21 from 2 to 5 p.m. *** The Bizzline column appears weekly. Send your north Niagara business story/ information tips to: don.fraser@sunmedia.ca     Follow @don_standard popular with travelers and sailors that also featured an expansive dining room. A 1859 fire seriously ravaged the location — a series of name changes followed with The Mansion House...

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Bold, resort-quality fashions define Miami Beach Swim Week 2013
July 28, 2013
mesh inserts, fuchsia two-pieces and items in a feminine impressionist-like print highlighted the show, whose finale featured a model wearing a bikini top made of gold plates with studs, atop
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