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Royal Navy Joins US Crew In...
January 28, 2014

A Royal Navy ship has helped the US Coast Guard capture a drug-running speedboat in the Caribbean carrying a multimillion-pound stash of cocaine. The 1.25 tonnes of the Class A drug were seized after

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Thorold drug bust animals set for adoption 0
January 20, 2014
ST. CATHARINES -  A slither of snakes, plus rats and reptiles are looking for new homes. After removing 88 rats, 36 snakes, four cats, two turtles and one Savannah Monitor following a drug raid, the . Three people at the residence were charged with mainly drug offences. All but the cats have since been formally turned over to the humane society. Meanwhile, the humane society is...
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Sheriff on drug bust of Florida mayor:...
November 26, 2013
A Florida sheriff busted a local mayor this week on drug charges and made it clear, "this isn’t Toronto." The comment, issued as part of the arrest press release from the Bradford County Sheriff, was Sheriff Gordon Smith said late Monday in a statement. "We will not tolerate illegal drug activity, in my jurisdiction, by anyone to include our elected officials."
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Swat team throw stun grenade into toddler’s crib during...
May 30, 2014
into his crib. The victim, 19-month-old Bounkham Phonesavanh, was injured when the explosive landed next to his pillow during a night-time drug raid. Speaking to WSBTV, his mother Alecia
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Sky Ferreira Cancels US Tour...
October 06, 2013

having possession of herion during a routine car stop by police. Ferreira denied that she was arrested for drug possession to Billboard magazine, saying: "...it's annoying because I wasn't

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Sex pill shopkeeper sells pirate Viagra just 48 hours after...
June 30, 2013
in on the multi-million-pound price war taking place in Britain’s sex drug market. He is selling hundreds of fake Viagra tablets for £1.50 each every week from his Lifestyle Express shop and sold a Sunday Mail reporter 30 of the sex tablets, with no questions asked. Incredibly, he brazenly did the deal just two days after his shop had been raided by authorities clamping down on the fake...
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'Smuggle cocaine or die': Drug bust...
August 13, 2013
The pair have told reporters they were forced to smuggle the £1.5 million-worth of cocaine that was found in their bags - or die - according to the Daily Mirror. 19-year-old Melissa Read, from Scotland, told the paper: "We had no option. We were not smuggling for money, we were smuggling for our lives." They are due to appear in court on Wednesday. An Irish-American bishop who visited the pair...
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Shooting at student's car 'can be construed as attempted murder'
August 04, 2014
for that of a drug suspect. He said this reckless behaviour could have caused damage to life and property and hence should be taken to the Civil Court. He said the case could also be filed at the
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Long jail terms for four defendants guilty of dealing in...
June 25, 2014
POLICE have said they will continue to tackle the problem of drug-dealing on the streets of Bodmin after six members of a criminal ring were sentenced for their parts in illegal activity in the town , which saw covert officers try to buy the Class A drug between March and June last year. The operation culminated in multiple police raids on properties in Bodmin, St Austell and...
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'Yaba'-heroin mix a new threat, police warn
March 19, 2014
that heroin in Thailand and neighbouring countries contained pure heroin of 80-90 per cent - compared to other countries' rate of only 20-30 per cent, Pongsapat said this drug batch could be
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