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Concern over 'poor'...
September 01, 2014

working together, under the Localism Act, to write legally binding planning policies. It would also allow the group to chose where 25% of Section 106 contributions for Isle of Dogs developments go. Cllr

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What do you think of Neighbourhood Plans?
December 28, 2013
are a key constituent of the Government’s Localism Act - but what will they achieve and are their inherent dangers? The County Times will be investigating the issue over the coming months as more and
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Bid to chart village's future
August 14, 2014
Council has opened a consultation about the idea. Introduced in the Localism Act in 2011, neighbourhood plans allow residents to have a say in what types of development can be built in their area. The
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Forum could become formal planning group
February 25, 2014
will become known as a Neighbourhood Forum. The group will be able to put together a neighbourhood plan which is a formal plan under the Localism Act and, once approved, would be used alongside the
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Horsham’s Capitol Theatre...
December 03, 2013

, accepted by Horsham District Council this week. Under the Localism Act any building nominated as an asset of community value gives groups the opportunity to bid for the property if the landowner decides

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Fears over Sunderland Council services sell-off
April 26, 2013
by Sunderland City Council’s cabinet as they were legally obliged to by the Coalition Government’s Localism Act. It means any bid -or "expression of interest" -that meets the Act’s criteria, will said: "The track record of the Localism Act is not good. It seems to have been a knee-jerk reaction to things, and it’s far from clear what benefits there are from it....
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Scottish independence debate can pave way for more devolution...
September 07, 2014
creation immediately followed the birth of council clubs covering West Yorkshire, Merseyside and Sheffield and in 2011. All these bodies are children of the 2011 Localism Act, which Manchester was HS3 to provide the kind of infrastructure that can compete with the south-east. He was ready with a blueprint for Greater Manchester before the ink was dry on the Localism...
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Community assets really need to be cherished
July 11, 2014
on the door step. Such community assets are important and should be cherished. The Localism Act 2011 introduced a legal requirement for local authorities to list public and private assets of . When the Localism Act came into force Lancaster City Council asked local people to nominate assets of community value in our District. According to the LCC website there has...
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Nicholas Soames fears second Gatwick runway could swamp Mid...
July 29, 2013
have a clearly emerging plan when applications are brought to its attention? Mr Bowles replied: "We have failed as a society and as a country to meet the [housing] need, and the Localism Act and the NICHOLAS Soames has claimed Mid Sussex could become swamped with new development if a second Gatwick runway is given a green light. The Mid Sussex MP was debating localism...
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Friends of Ashburton Park to hold second meeting next week
October 17, 2013
the drama room at Oasis High School on Shirley Road. Those attending will discuss how the residents group can move forward and use the Localism Act to stop the sale of the old library building. Amie
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