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Lawyer says Bandidos killer...
September 17, 2014

Kellestine, 60, the Nazi-worshipping, Confederate flag-waving killer, said he knew nothing about the deaths of eight former friends found a few kilometres from his notorious compound. It was likely the rival

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Oprah opens 'Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend'
September 07, 2014
that opened Friday was styled as somewhat of an intimate gathering with Oprah. She joked about how friends found it interesting that so many would attend her tour when she can't sing or dance
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New home for injured birds
May 08, 2013
first residents is a female mallard duck that Elaine and Chris Fairfax of Animal Friends found in their back garden. They named the bird Duckypoos, and thanks to the care she received at the wildlife hospital she is now doing well insurance company Animal Friends. The company has been supporting the wildlife hospital for the last two years and staff helped to build the...
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Sheriff: Significant trauma for man killed in Ga.
May 08, 2014
. Sills says friends found Dermond's body Tuesday in the couple's home on Lake Oconee in central Georgia. An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday. Sills tells The Associated Press he might
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Ian Paisley funeral: Simple...
September 15, 2014

attend to him, whether it was family or close friends, found him to be very co-operative. He was just a real joy to be with." Yesterday, people attending Sunday service at Martyrs Memorial, the church Mr Paisley helped to found, spoke of their sadness at his passing. Earlier, the Free Presbyterian Church paid tribute to Mr Paisley, who served as moderator from 1951 to 2008. In a statement, the influenced by the breakdown in relations in recent years between the...

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Indianapolis man charged with baking dog to death
September 04, 2014
. One of the friends found Zane, a Miniature Pinscher, dead on May 18 in the bottom of a trash can and dog hair and a toenail on a cookie sheet and pizza pan in the oven, court documents said. A necropsy found that the dog's whiskers were burned, it had burn marks on its legs and feet and blood on its snout and mouth. Court documents say Clark told one of the...
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Safety is paramount when freediving
January 17, 2014
ABU DHABI // Julie Richardson founded DiveWise, an international organisation for diving safety, after her two sons both blacked out while freediving together, as one tried to rescue the other. Friends found them floating face down, purple, bleeding from their mouths and unresponsive, she said. They both survived but the near-tragedy motivated her to spread awareness about the...
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Star of Stonewall anti-bullying film was ‘scared’...
March 06, 2014
friends would react after he saw his brother’s friends react to him going into drama. He said: ”My brother, when his friends found out that he did drama, he got a lot of beef from it, so An actor who starred in a new anti-bullying video by a leading gay rights charity has said he was “scared” at how his friends would react to the...
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Indian woman raped by two gangs on Christmas Eve
December 27, 2013
. They took her to a secluded place and one of them raped her. The men then let her go after nearly three hours of captivity. When the woman's friends found her and were trying to escort her to accused around midnight Tuesday. She told police she had accompanied two friends sightseeing and a group of three men had been watching them. When they saw that she was alone,...
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Cameroon must investigate gay rights activist killing - groups
July 19, 2013
homosexuality in the central African country. Friends found journalist Eric Ohena Lembembe dead in his home in the capital Yaounde on Monday. His neck was broken, his feet smashed and his face burned with
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