'Veronica Mars' review: Fans get the film they wanted 0

  March 13, 2014  

For a movie, Veronica Mars seems a lot like an extra-long TV show.

Fortunately, that's exactly what the fans wanted.

For devotees of the much loved series, this long-awaited Veronica Mars feature film is a five-star proposition.

For everyone else, Veronica Mars is a pleasant diversion. (And you need know nothing about the young sleuth or her past exploits on TV to like it.) The film is a charming exercise in contemporary girl power, with mystery and romance thrown in for good measure.

Kristen Bell puts her approachable persona to good use in the role of Veronica, a semi-outcast from Neptune, Calif., who never ran with the cool kids in high school. Still, it was made clear she'd outstrip them all eventually.

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