Rare Doctor Who episodes rumoured to have been discovered in Nigeria

  June 20, 2013  

African engineer reportedly finds nearly 100 missing episodes of the Time Lord's early adventures

It’s a story almost as far-fetched as the one about the 1,000-year-old Gallifreyan with two hearts who travels through time and space in an old police box.

But, unlike the other-worldly fictional character at the centre of that seminal BBC sci-fi favourite, the long-fabled whispers about the unearthing of a massive cache of vintage, presumed-erased Doctor Who episodes might be slightly more grounded in reality.

Because, in a move that should thrill fans of the Time Lord’s epic adventures, series super fan Ian Levine has tweeted that reams of old film -about the existence of which he’d previously been sceptical -have finally been discovered in Nigeria, fuelling speculation that nearly 100 ‘lost’ episodes dating back to the William Hartnell era of the ’60s could be broadcast later this year to tie in with the show’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

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