My husband is nearly 40 years younger than me and it was love at first sight

  February 04, 2014  

SIMON is 39. Edna's 78. They were wed nine years ago. What makes their unusual marriage work? More Life

Edna and Simon Martin are aware that people might regard them as an odd couple. He is just over five feet tall and 39 years old. She is five inches taller and 78. Although they look more like grandmother and grandson they are actually husband and wife.

Unsurprisingly, when they tied the knot in 2005 they attracted a media circus and a collective assumption that their marriage would be over faster than you could say "toyboy". After all, Edna had lived through the Second World War and was already on the cusp of 40 when Simon was born in the Seventies. He’s only four years older than her eldest grandchild and his parents are just a few years younger than her.

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