Convenience stores attract shoppers of late

  January 10, 2014  


KATHMANDU: Consumers purchasing daily essentials are being attracted more towards neighbourhood convenience stores these days rather than traditional shops as they get a variety of commodities under a single roof at a reasonable price with assured quality and services.

"Demand from consumers is in an increasing trend and to meet this demand, neighbourhood convenience stores are the best option because people at present do not like to visit various places to purchase something small," said marketing and branding manager at Big Mart Antim Ranjit.

Consumers these days not only want quality products at reasonable rates, but they also want additional services.

"All the stores provide gas delivery service, exchange of goods within a certain timeframe, home delivery of purchased commodities, and many other services under certain conditions. This is the major reason behind the shifting trend of shopping from traditional local groceries to neighbourhood convenience stores," pointed out Ranjit.

To facilitate consumers in the Valley, Big Mart has opened five neighbourhood convenience stores where around 300 people visit the stores on average daily. However, its store located at City Centre, Kamal Pokhari, witnesses a footfall of 800-1200 on average. The store at City Centre sells dressed meat, green vegetables and fruits which is its USP.

According to operation and purchase manager at CG Mart Chandra Shekhar Shrestha: "Increasing awareness among consumers also raised need for neighbourhood convenience stores in Kathmandu."

Shrestha added that CG Mart is focused on meeting the growing demand of consumers, keeping their health at the centre of their business. The stores do not sell unhealthy and unhygienic food. CG owns three neighbourhood convenience stores in the capital and about 200 people visit each store on average per day.

Similarly, Stuti Mero Mart is also doing brisk business in the capital with its three outlets. The mart was opened nine months ago to facilitate customers who reside away from the main market. It sells more than 2000 household items that range from grocery items to cosmetics assuring quality products at reasonable prices. On average, around 500 consumers visit every outlet a day.

Besides big companies, individual neighbourhood convenience stores are also doing good business in Kathmandu. They are following the same business philosophy as that of big companies -quality products at a reasonable price.

"Big companies provide more variety to consumers than us but our approach is to retain our existing regular customers and lure new ones towards the store from the local groceries through discount offers," said managing director of Fair Mart in Gyaneshwor Sujata Shakya Pandey. She mentioned that more than 100 people visit her store everyday.

Unlike local groceries, all the neighbourhood convenience stores offer some kind of benefit or the other on a regular basis like discounts and other promotional schemes to attract more customers.

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